Pain Management in Practice

Learn practical and effective strategies to allow your clients in pain to achieve their full potential.

This 2 day workshop is designed to challenge and extend your skills to manage clients with pain to achieve significant functional outcomes. The workshop focuses on developing:

  • a further understanding of why pain can persist
  • skills to better identify the “hidden” barriers through a more comprehensive assessment process
  • a framework of treatment options for clients with ongoing pain
  • goals that your client is motivated to achieve
  • novel graded exposure plans to address fear avoidant behaviours
  • sleep strategies to improve disrupted sleep
  • specific CBT and ACT techniques to address pain
  • practical strategies to help a client who is ‘stuck’
  • techniques to more effectively address challenging communication issues when dealing with resistance and how to manage difficult conversations

The workshop has a very strong practical focus to ensure you are able to implement the strategies into your working day.  Small group work is undertaken to allow time to practice new skills and numbers are strictly limited to ensure the workshop is highly interactive.

The workshop is presented by a psychologist and physiotherapist who are experts in the management of complex and chronic pain conditions and specifically designed for clinicians and return to work professionals whose clients experience ongoing pain impacting on their functioning. Both presenters are involved throughout both days to provide an integrated approach.

Please call 03 9459 3344 if you would like further information on how this workshop may benefit your professional development.

Location Dates Info Sheet Booking Form
Brisbane PMIP 14 November - 15 November 2019
Melbourne PMIP 17 October - 18 October 2019
Sydney PMIP 19 September - 20 September 2019
Melbourne PMIP 25 July - 26 July 2019
Brisbane PMIP 13 June - 14 June 2019
Sydney PMIP 2 May - 3 May 2019